The "Illumination Method" Program for Car Dealerships - Replace your Lead Providers + Double Your Sales

Take back power at the dealership.

Implement the "Illumination Method" and internalize the most powerful digital marketing and sales process in the automotive industry. It's the partnership program you've been searching for.

Now you can get what you want out of the program - whether you need to hire a marketing manager, need help training your own team members, or want our agency to manage the advertising for you.

Introducing the most powerful marketing and sales methodology in automotive.


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What you'll learn

The "Illumination Method" is an integrative approach that was developed over fifteen years of deep work in advertising, sales process, and human psychology.

Selling at Scale

Here we share how to "scale" our dealership's sales process through the use of powerful advertising approaches that go above-and-beyond any third-party advertising agency.

Integrate your sales and marketing departments at the deepest level

Create advertising campaigns that generate interested leads overnight

Decrease the chance of being "shopped" around at other dealerships 

Learn what we should be focused on first before we start running ad campaigns for inventory

Social Selling Secrets

A deep dive into content creation for your social channels, how to manage your Facebook page, and how to drive organic conversations into sales and appointment.

Create social media content that drives sales conversations and improves your close rate

Train an in-house rep or contractor to develop your own videography and photography content

Assign reps to your social channels and develop powerful inbound chat handling processes

Exactly what to put on your Facebook page and how to do this in-house without an agency

Sales Illumination

Implement a practical, easy-to-understand, and science-backed sales approach that uses transparency to solve customer problems

Integrate the most powerful and effective sales process for managing social conversations ever

Receive a full breakdown of what to say and when to drive online chats into easy sales calls

Get our credit app cheat sheet and appointment taking processes that can double close rate

Learn to properly handle inbound chat conversations without any third party help

Self Illumination

Backed by deep psychology and neuroscience research; develop the art of self-improvement + learn the science of driving a buying decision.

Empower your salesreps to foster their own discomfort to improve their sales process

Break free of self-sabotage through the development of an internal "feedback loop"

Understand why buyers lie in the sale and how to "illuminate" to get to their truth

Overcome the fear and projection that cause your salesreps to lose sales to other dealerships

Hey there, I'm Ryan Hartigan. I'll be your guide here. If there's one thing I can guarantee: you will never think the same way about marketing again.

Ryan has managed an automotive advertising agency for the past six years, spent hundreds of thousands in advertising dollars for his dealer clients, trained sales teams and handled hundreds of his own leads now, managed his own BDC department, and has hired and trained dozens of digital marketers and salespeople for his various dealer clients. This has helped Ryan understand how different campaigns generate unique sales conversations and how to properly match the advertisements to the sales process. 

Ryan's family has been in the automotive industry for over 50 years, but Ryan is unique in having attained an Honours degree in Neuroscience before entering the automotive industry. Ryan's sales methodology is rooted in his deep understanding of human decision-making and he is a rare gem of a coach when it comes to understanding buyer psychology in the automotive industry.

The "Illumination Method" has been developed over tens of thousands of hours of direct ad campaign management and sales calls with buyers,  with sales methodologies from top automotive trainers, marketing and copywriting approaches from world-class pioneers,  and a scientific understanding of human decision-making. Ryan's current focus is on developing the most powerful CRM in automotive with TurnoverCRM and in further supporting his agency clients.



 Bring on your next marketing manager

Ad Management

Using a practical and science-backed process


Consulting and rewatchable programs

Come ye come all. Change your dealership for good.

We have some of the best results in this industry because we train upfront on what is required to make this work. This will be the last partnership you need.

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Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients are saying.

"Ryan helped us to hire and train our own marketer here for our dealer group. We have completely dropped our third-party agencies and are seeing some of our best months yet. Jeff, our marketer here, has been an absolute thrill to have on the team"

General Manager, Fairley Stevens Ford

“My dealership has grown 3x since I started working with Ryan. We don't buy any more leads and simply focus on our own ads, and we now use the sale strategies that Ryan taught us. Just listen to him around this stuff - his process works!”

General Manager, Right Turn Auto

"Ryan looks for ways to achieve desired results in a cost effective manner, he educates and empowers his clients, and offers long-term solutions so you're not dependent on him forever. Do yourself a favour - grab this guy! He knows his business inside and out!"

General Manager, Buy It Smart

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get full access to the course after purchasing?

The "Illumination Method" program will be hosted live over a period of five weeks. After each session, we will share the recording in a learning management system and all attendees will have lifetime access to the content, as well as the slides and relevant guides and cheat sheets to help with your own process.

Can you guarantee we will get results from the program?

It's all about how willing you are to do the work necessary and follow the steps we will share in the training sessions. Fortunately, the "Self Illumination" session should help you to overcome any fear or anxiety around getting started. We will not train you on how to actually run advertising campaigns, but we will give you the content strategy that will bring you the best results for our campaigns. We can offer further guidance if you need any more training support after the program, but you should be able to find massive success from just implementing a few of the strategies we teach you here.

How can I submit my questions after joining?

We will have a short Q&A session at the end of every live training. Normally the live training components will run for about 90 minutes and we will open up for 30 minutes of questions at the end of each session. Remember that there will be a final session just to answer any questions that you have about the program.

What does the agency management look like?

If you wish to continue with us operating as your marketing agency after the program, we will share a Dropbox folder to take new advertising content, hold a monthly checkup, and work with you regularly to keep your close rate high and your lead cost well below $35.

Not happy? Don't pay for the program.

If you show up and watch all four live sessions, and still don't feel like you received your money's worth with the strategies, we will not charge you for the cost of the program - no questions asked.

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