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The Illumination Method™ will fundamentally change the way you view marketing and sales at the dealership. You will have transparency and clarity to make the best marketing decisions.

With this program - we help to recruithire, and train your own in-house marketing manager or contractor.

You will know exactly how the marketing works, why the marketing works, and what you can do to improve it.

Tried and true.

Tested in the field.

We have tested the Illumination Method with dozens of dealerships and millions in advertising spend.

No longer will you have to pay a marketing agency or a lead provider to bring you results. You will lower your costs and improve your close rate. You control your own destiny and generate your own


You want a team member that you can trust to always work on your ad campaigns, lower your costs, and internally track what is generating sales and what is just costing you money. We are giving you everything that your agency has and more.

The Illumination Method™

for Automotive

Lower Total Marketing Expenses

Managing campaigns in-house means that you will keep the margins that are normally paid out to the advertising agency. Your campaigns will be improved on a daily basis and yield better performance than an agency's campaigns.

Replace the Lead Provider

When you create content that is branded around your own dealership using the Illumination Method™, and run this content as targeted ad campaigns in your local region - you will directly replace the lead generator.

Maintain Full Control of Results

Third-party companies do not know what is working at your dealership and what isn't. When you have full control, you can focus on the campaigns that drive sales performance and turn off the campaigns that don't.

See how the Illumination Method™ can

work for your dealership today.

Recruit local contractors or full-time employees

Whether you want a full-time employee or a local contractor is up-to-you. You will know how to manage the relationship with your marketer, what is best for your dealership, and how to find the best candidates.

Use our proprietary hiring process

Our proprietary hiring process will help you find the perfect applicants. We will conduct initial interviews with candidates, filter them for important skillsets, and run them through our screening tests.

Train the management

We train the management team on the full Illumination Method™, social media marketing in relation to the sales process, optimizing sales performance, and how to inspire a culture of creativity and ongoing marketing improvement.

Train the marketer

Your marketer gets ongoing training on content creation, video creation, ad management, copywriting, social selling, analytics, campaign optimization, lead management, overcoming their own mindset blocks, and improving their performance..

Train the sales team to handle the leads

With our unique experience in marketing and sales, we have a world-class training program to help your salespeople better manage inbound leads and develop the right sales philosophy for ongoing success.

Experience where it counts.

"During my time in the automotive industry - I have personally managed marketing campaigns for dozens of dealerships, handled my own leads through to the financing and delivery, have managed salespeople and BDC departments, and even generated leads for third-party lead companies.

We now train top-notch digital marketers in the automotive industry, showing them how to manage campaigns directly for the dealership, and allowing the dealership to grow without relying on another agency or lead provider"

- Ryan Hartigan, The Illumination Method™

Some past clients and success stories.

Derek Schiavone, St. Catherine's Nissan

"Ryan has given us the freedom to more easily manage our sales conversations here and allow for easier management of our team. The ad campaigns that we create every month are really driving up our lead count and keeping our team engaged."

Kim MacPherson, Buy It Smart

"Ryan looks for ways to achieve desired results in a cost effective manner, he educates and empowers his clients, and offers long-term solutions so you're not dependent on him forever. Do yourself a favour - grab this guy! He knows his business inside and out!"

Ben Smith, Truro Mazda

"Ryan helped us to hire and train our own marketer here at the dealership. We have completely dropped our third-party agencies and are seeing some of our best months yet. Jeff, our marketer here, has been an absolute thrill to have on the team"

You don't have to rely on another agency.

To learn more about our program and how we can help set up the Illumination Method™ at your dealership, book a strategy call with us today.


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